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Are you planning a new vineyard or are you looking for new clones or rootstocks?
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We at INWINELAB are working during the whole year in wine-growing projects and in the nursery. The intensive exchange between vine and soil requires a great engagement, knowledge and know-how. Our customers are our greatest treasure: thanks to this intensive exchange we know many problems and pleasures in viticulture, vinification and sales.


We will help you find the right clone for your rootstock and the right rootstock for your location. We are happy to fulfil special grafting requests, because with appropriate planning almost every wish can be realised regarding variety, clone and rootstock.

Please benefit from our long-time experience regarding the breeding of clones, rootstocks and vines. We graft each year scions of the most important breeders and wine-growing farms.

The optimal combination is your key to success.


The soil is one of the key factors which lead your vineyard to success. Only the knowledge about soil, its composition and its structure ensure success. We collaborate with the best certified laboratories which analyse the soil and use their knowledge in order to inform you correctly about soil treatment, identification of diseases, irrigation and fertilization.


We offer you an all-round carefree package which includes: soil analysis, preparation of the soil, choice of the orientation to the sun, prevention of sunburn and frost, hail protection, minimization of the risk of diseases, planning the irrigation and trying to minimize water dissipation and pesticide usage, choice of the right machines and technologies.


Longterm relationships to international and famous, certified research centers and the daily exchange with the winegrowing world permit us to be always one step ahead. Research activities and an intensive and constant cooperation with local and international research centers have a large influence on the relation to our clients and on the preservation of the environment.


We provide the nurseries not only with our varieties but also with our long-time experience and know-how. For nurseries we offer consulting, wax, Chinosol, nylon bags, plastic film for nursery, mulching textile, grapevine grafting