About Us

Let yourself be enchanted by the fruit of paradise

The innovative winegrowing lab is based on over 60 years of experience in the world of winegrowing Tutzer, subsequently Wineplant, South Tyrolean nursery with production facilities in South Tyrol, Veneto and Austria.

Step by step with you!


We accompany you with competence and passion – from planning, considering the right choice of soil, clones and rootstocks to planting. After-sales consulting rounds off our service.

What we do

We will transform your vineyard into a magical and natural adventure garden!
Immerse yourself completely in the world of viticulture.
We offer an all-round service:


We offer a vaste range of traditional wine and table grapevines.


They are largely resistant to fungal diseases, permit a considerable reduction of plant protection measures and save the sensitive soils by reducing the tractor rides: fungus-resistant grape varieties, or PIWIs for short. By applying the appropriate oenological know-how, they produce high-quality wines with an attractive sensory profile.

New crossings with wild varieties

With our focus on research and development of new varieties, we are always one step ahead.

Innovation and Respect

The respect of nature lies at our heart

Thanks to the continuous and long-time cooperation with the most renowned international research centres and the regular exchange with our customers, we are always one step ahead, always in harmony with nature.

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